Lime/paper Blocks

Here we tried quick lime and a range of fillers to test alternate flooring possibilities. We used paper meshe, cloth meshe, cloth string, coconut husk, sand, and styrofoam in different combinations with lime as the binder. Over all, the blocks came out much to brittle and/or flaky.  One possible explanation for this  is that maybe we did not find a great ratio for fillers to binder, though we did sample a range of combinations. The coco husk mix had a nice quality to it, and might have been worthy of pursuit, but we dropped the lime in favor of more traditional paper meshe. Back to pure paper mesh, for its lightness and predictability…

Lime/paper Layers


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One response to “LIME / PAPER EXPERIMENT

  1. Really cool. What kind of lime were you working with? And how much styrofoam did you add? How long did it take to dry.

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