Hello! This is us: Carme and Leonardo

Here we are, among the men and women of good will… In Auroville.

The door has opened, the energy can flow.

The International House has opened the door for us. Inspiration has started to be poured on us both. And we let it in with open and grateful hearts, and with a long-awaited and calmed joy.

Leonardo is already writing down ideas for the musical wall and the railing project which will be part of the new Dormitory at the International House. It’s nice to see him in action: his head boiling with new ideas and creations, his eyes and heart sparkling, his hands at work. It brings a smile to my whole body.

As for me, it feels good to be aware of the first stage of any creative process: my cells are all excited; excitement mixed with the necessary questioning and uncertainty. How is it going to be? How am I going to do it? Will I be prepared? How is it going to turn out? Will my knowledge of the English language be enough to write a blog, a follow-up on the project? Excitement mixed with the necessary confidence too. Like a flower that knows that it just has to be there, present, letting the sun, the air, the water and the earth nourish it; a flower that knows that it just has to enjoy the journey and let it unfold.

Me and the language, the language and me… we will unfold and grow together… like the flower garden and landscaping project in which I will also be involved at the International House.

Flowers and writing from within…

Carpentry and music for the soul…

How else could it be?

It sounds, and looks, and smells good…



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  1. Anna Pujol i Valls

    Somehow, after reading that, part of me is also in Auroville…

  2. Bryan Walton

    Wow, sounds good. so glad to see things boiling and growing. luv it

  3. venu

    nice language karme….keep rolling

  4. Manu Gopalan

    Welcome Home- Carme & Leonardo! All the best for your adventures in Music and Poetry at Auroville. We look forward to seeing a lot more from you.
    Love and Cheers!

  5. Sharla

    Carme! What a gorgeous picture of you… and Leo too! :O) What wonderful work you are doing! As always, I am proud to be your friend!

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