First day!

First day at the International House. Trying to figure out how practical things work here (dry compost toilets, showers, kitchen…) and getting settled in our new room, which is made of bamboo and was built by the former caretakers of the place above one of the sections of the dormitory. We’ve got a whole crew of spiders with us! Well, we’ll have to become friends and share the space. In fact, they are quite a good protection from mosquitoes!

Leonardo rearranging the tools

Leonardo, after starting his day of work taking a look at the tools available and rearranging them, decides to build a temporary outdoor shower. Manu (the architect and current caretaker of the International House), gives him the idea of using one of the recycled tetra-pack panels, so he chooses the one that Alaleh and Sam (the two volunteers who preceded us) decorated with paper mache. Good idea! It looks nice!

I get on the computer and start getting familiar with the blog and its possibilities.

The outdoor tetra-pack shower!

I have quite a terrible cold which doesn’t let me be at my best, so I’ll take it easy…

Meanwhile, Leonardo keeps his head, his heart and his eyes busy with the musical wall. Any recycled material could be a potential part of his prototype. For instance, some iron bowls mysteriously sitting in the corridor…

Will these bowls be turned into some musical element...?

It’s funny! It’s as if his eyes saw things now from a new perspective, as if they could see, at a glance, what something could be turned into… I’ve always admired people who can do that. Well, let’s see what those promising bowls will end up being!

And what about the bicycle wheel, the casseroles, the basketball hoop and those fantastic cans we saw at the Eco-service? Hmmm… I cannot wait to see if any of them becomes part of the musical wall. Or maybe they could be used for the musical railing?

We’ll see…

Bicycle wheel

Recycled cans

Casseroles and hoop



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2 responses to “First day!

  1. Anna Pujol i Valls

    Great shower, guys! And I can’t wait to see some musical results, Leo!

  2. venu

    great start karme and leonardo….good job……keep rolling

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