IH-SVARAM connection… and some flowers

Today we met Aurelio from SVARAM, the Musical Instruments and Research Center in Auroville which will be co-operating with the musical wall and railing project. The perfect partners for such a project!

Aurelio, Manu, Aiyana and Leonardo at the morning meeting

As they put it “Svaram is one of the few places on the Indian subcontinent experimenting in the field of creating new musical instruments that should be accessible to everybody, independent of talent or predisposition, directly bringing the joy of music into one’s hands and heart”. They build incredibly fine and unique instruments with natural, recycled and other types of materials. Last week Leonardo joined them with his transverse flute at the opening and closing ceremonies that were held to mark their 8th Anniversary Exhibition. Both events were an exquisite and heart-opening shower of sound. Mmm… I can still recall the feeling…

So, they have generously offered their workshop and expertise and have agreed to have Leonardo working at their head-quarters.

Leonardo and Mahesh, his contact man at Svaram

In this first meeting Leonardo shares his many ideas with Aurelio, who suggests to focus on the one idea he feels more strongly and also more achievable (in terms of time-frame, materials needed, etc.). He also suggests we pay a visit to Aikiyam School, at New Creation community, to see a similar project that a German student carried out to incorporate sound in the school’s gardens. So there we go!

And in the afternoon… Leonardo collects some materials and flies to Svaram to get down to work! He is definitely a man of action. And guess what’s going to be his first guinea pig? The bowls that were sitting in the corridor!

And now it’s time for a little bit of flowers.

As regards the gardening project I mentioned in my first post, I’ll be working hand in hand with Garima (Manu’s wife). The idea is to create a flower garden to embellish the already existing garden.

Gas bottles turned into drums at Aikiyam School

Since this time of the year is not the best moment for planting (summer is around the corner, which means we’ll reach 40 degrees or more quite soon!), Garima suggests we start by taking a look at what flowers we would like to have and which one’s would be good to help trees retain the water during the monsoon season.

So, I borrow a set of cards and a booklet from Aiyana (Garima’s and Manu’s sweet daughter) called “The Mother’s Flower Blessings”. It’s on the significances the Mother (the founder of Auroville) gave to many different flowers. I really like the idea of consciously choosing certain qualities or attributes we would like to manifest through flowers.

Flowers... colour... beauty...

I open the booklet and I find one first jewel. A quote by Sri Aurovindo, with which I would like to close today’s post. Simply beautiful, like a flower…

Flowers are the moment’s representations of things that are in themselves eternal.


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One response to “IH-SVARAM connection… and some flowers

  1. Anonymous

    Wonderful thought…I will look at flowers in a different way from now on. Thank you Sri Aurovindo and thanks Carme! Anna Pujol-Valls

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