First experiments

This morning Leonardo went back to Svaram. He was supposed to go to Pondicherry (the nearest city, where sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s ashram is located), to visit a scrap market with Mahesh and take a look at some axles for one of his instruments.

The famous bowls are finding a new use!

But something that you really need to learn when in India is that plans can change at any moment! In other words, you need to be open to flowing, to having patience and to trusting that if something really needs to be done it will somehow be done (even if it’s not in the way you planned it or when you planned it). And if there is no way to make it happen, maybe it’s that it wasn’t really necessary or that it wasn’t meant to be. Big lesson to learn!

So, it turns out that besides that first change in plans, there is a power cut and Leonardo cannot have his bowls welded. But life always provides and he is asked to help testing some of the flutes to see if they are tuned.

The first multiple pulse-tube prototype

While in the flute section, he sees a very interesting instrument called pulse-tube, and he has an idea: to build a support which will hold several of them so the same person can play more than one at the same time. And guess what? They could be perfectly incorporated in a wall! Working at Svaram’s workshop is a great opportunity to come up with new ideas.

I spent my morning visiting Matrimandir’s nursery to see the many different types of flowers, bushes and trees they grow for Matrimandir’s gardens. It’s like paradise! So many different colours, shapes and smells…

Red hanging flowers at Matrimandir's nursery

There I meet Martin, the German man who is in charge of the place and who adores plumerias (he shows me a thick catalogue where they keep record of all the varieties of plumeria with their specificities. Amazing…) He let’s me know that they only provide plants for Matrimandir and have just a small section for selling. Anyhow he tells me to feel free to ask him any questions and to walk around and pay attention to which flowers talk to me… “Those are the ones for you”, he says.

A very exotic one!

He also informs me that we still have several weeks to plant before it’s too hot. Good to know.

And to close, a quote from the Mother taken from “The Mother’s Flower Blessings”:

Be like a flower. One must try to become like a flower: open, frank, equal, generous and kind.

Beautiful plumeria flower

Elegance and peacefulness...


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  1. Anna Pujol i Valls

    Way to go, Leo! You are a genius! Anna

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