Gardening Saturday and first drafts…

Saturday again at the International House. The students of Washington University left on a trip for 10 days and Manu, Garima and Aiyana are also out of town, so it’s only B., Leonardo and I, Carme, to do the communal work.

Leonardo and B. planting the pineapples

B. suggests that we do some gardening and plant all the plants that are in pots. So, we roll up our sleeves and get to work. There are quite a lot of things to be planted. We start with some papaya trees for which we prepare a bed with the food compost. I bet they will grow nicely with such a nutritious base! We also plant some pineapples in a circular bed with a plumeria tree in the middle. Pineapples are most interesting: once you’ve eaten them, you can keep the leafy tops aside and plant them. In a couple of years they will flower and will produce a new fruit during the following 12 months.

Carme planting a tiny decorative plant

We plant some decorative flowers and plants and many edible ones too (spinachs, edible hibiscus, multivitamine plants…). Even if all the markets collapsed we would not starve here! It’s really nourishing and grounding to be touching the soil with our hands… and knowing that someday what we are planting will bear fruit, and shade and oxygen… that is, Life. Amazingly enough, the plateau where Auroville is located was once a barren desert with just a few trees and with barely no shade or water. Many men and women from many different nationalities, ages and beliefs got together more than 43 years ago and started planting trees and helping the soil to retain the waters of the monsoons. Thanks to their work and their conviction, and to the work and conviction of many others who continued their task, nowadays Auroville is a paradise of lush vegetation. Today we did our bit…

And as I promised, let’s take a look at Leonardo’s first drafts on the musical wall project! It’s a small example of his original brain storming. What of that will become a reality, we’ll have to wait and see.

Does any of these drawings ring a bell with you...?

Oh, I forgot it is in Spanish! Well, just to give you a hint, he is talking about a didgeridoo embedded in the wall, a circular xylophone made with steel rods (the ones used as reinforcement in construction) going from the roof to the floor,  steel rods or bamboo sticks anchored to the floor at the entrance of the bedrooms, and two drums made with bowls (chetties!)  stuck to the wall at different heights (for taller and shorter people).

Tomorrow we’ll have some more of his musical ideas.

And talking about music, don’t you think music and flowers have many things in common…? Today’s quote talks about equality. I believe music itself has no preference either…

[A flower] is equal: it has no preference. Everyone can enjoy its beauty and its perfume, without rivalry. It is equal and the same for everybody. There is no difference, or anything whatsoever.

The Mother, in “The Mother’s Flower Blessings”

Blue dawn flower, "Artistic taste: Is pleased with beautiful things and is itself beautiful"


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One response to “Gardening Saturday and first drafts…

  1. Anna Pujol i Valls

    How rewarding, in so many aspects, to plant fruit trees! Leo, your brain never stops creating, does it??!! Anna

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