First results!

Yes, my friends. We already have some results to show you! Remember the bowls (sorry, chetties or pandas)? Remember they were ready for the final touches? So, the final touches are already done! And here is the result:

The finished drums!

Very artistic, uh? Both drums will be anchored to the wall at different heights (for shorter and taller people) and will be played with drumsticks. Here is a sequence of the process:

The original chetties

The drums at their intermediate state

The drums being painted


The “bad news” (which fortunately didn’t turn up to be so bad) is that Leonardo got a little bit intoxicated by the paint he used for the drums and has been filling a little sick for one day. But he feels much better now and he’s ready to get down to work again.

And now that we’ve seen his first results, let’s peek again at the artist’s drafts!


  • Windmill with bamboo instruments that will sound when turned
  • Circular or polygonal monochord. Sufi. A support could be placed behind, holding a coloured glass cup with a candle inside to have something to look at to prevent dizziness while turning to play the monochord. Car axle for the monochord skeleton??


And just a little update on the gardening project: Irina, a young Russian woman who arrived at the International House last week, gave us the idea of creating a little medicinal plant garden as a part of the project. Two years ago she worked at Pitchandikulam, a Bio Resource Center in Auroville where they have an incredibly huge and beautiful indigenous medicinal plant garden, so she thought it could be a good thing for us to include.

A gorgeous bowl of flowers...

It’s interesting to observe how the garden project at IH is unfolding… I would say in a very feminine way… At first there was only a vague, abstract idea, and little by little, with no rush and as if by magic, different and complementary ideas are pouring from here and there and pieces are starting to fall into place in a very organic, fluent and natural way.

Maybe it has something to do with the flowers themselves… I mean, we are talking about a flower garden project, and it is as if the spirit of flowers, their way of doing, of being, was impregnating the way this project is developing.

Life is certainly magic… And there are so many things we need to learn from nature if we are to come back to our natural state of being… For instance, nature’s generosity, which here in Auroville is so obvious…

[A flower] is generous: without reserve or restriction, how it gives the mysterious beauty and the very own perfume of Nature. It sacrifices itself entirely for our pleasure, even its life it sacrifices to express this beauty and the secret of the things gathered within itself.

The Mother, in “The Mother’s Flower Blessings”


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One response to “First results!

  1. Anna Pujol i Valls

    How exciting to see some musical results! But, at the same time, how exciting to enjoy every step of the gardening project too. Anna

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