Some insights and new instruments

Dark moon. Perfect time to go inwards, to go deep inside and see what needs to be released, what is not serving us anymore.

Interestingly enough, today I finished some garden work I’ve been doing now and then for the last three days: removing weeds from the pond. At first, I even thought the weeds looked quite nice and decorative, but I was told fish couldn’t breathe with so many of them; that is why they needed to be removed. It made more sense then!

The revealing pond...!

During these three days, every time I got to work, I had the feeling something else was going on for me, besides (or parallel to) the physical act of removing weeds from the pond… I’ve had some intuition, but today, when I realized it was dark moon, I just saw it crystal clear. For the last week I had been observing some old patterns in my behavior, and I’ve tried to be very aware of them as to transform them, and here I am removing weeds (invasive and old patterns!) from a pond (water, that is, emotions or the unconscious)!

Sometimes it’s strickingly amazing how everything is interconnected and how the premise “As outside, so inside” becomes true…

As the pond’s water became clearer and cleaner I was surprised to see how many fish were there (some of them incredibly beautiful!), and how the water lilies and the other plants seemed to be grateful to have more space to grow and enjoy. Hmm… It’s interesting how sometimes  we don’t see the point in letting go some old, unhealthy thoughts / habits / patterns, and how when we eventually do, life, beauty, even freedom, start to unfold and reveal themselves more easily…

Nature talking again… So wise…

The mallets for the txalaparta

As for Leonardo, he has been working on his multiple pulse-tube. I believe it will be soon finished and we will be able to hear how it sounds!

He has also been working in a new instrument: a txalaparta. It’s a traditional percussion instrument from the Basque Country, Spain. He got inspired and started building it that Saturday we had the jugaad musical session at IH. He used the wooden bars of a workshop table, and today he has been working on the mallets (a very important part of the instrument), for which he has used the wooden structure of an old wardrobe. At Svaram he has also been able to play for the first time a very beautiful instrument called anantar, which translates as “Infinite Strings” and denotes the fact that it has a large number of strings (from 22 to 64). Infinite strings, infinite possibilities…

Leonardo playing the anantar


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One response to “Some insights and new instruments

  1. Anna Pujol i Valls

    Actually, I might also do some garden weeding today (it’s growing like crazy with the arrival of Spring temperatures!), by the time I think about my “invasive old patterns” which also need to be removed ! Good point, Carme!

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