Pulse-tube sound and txalaparta

Today just a short post to offer you a taste of the multiple pulse-tube prototype sound and some pictures of the txalaparta Leonardo is working on.

Here is a short video on the multiple pulse-tube. The quality is not so good but at least it will give us a glimpse of how this instrument sounds…!

As regards the txalaparta I  would also like to show you another piece of Leonardo’s first brain storming.

Leonardo's notes on the txalaparta

This Basque instrument is usually placed on a trestle table and is played with two thick mallets, but when thinking about it, Leonardo’s imagination went even further and he thought about the possibility of embedding it in the floor and play it with clogs! It’s just brings a smile to my face! It would be so much fun!

The txalaparta is usually played by two people together

Leonardo and his homemade txalaparta


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One response to “Pulse-tube sound and txalaparta

  1. Anna Pujol i Valls

    Beautiful and unusual sound! I like it! I can’t wait to hear the Txalaparta once it’s ready. Anna

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