Musical workshop at Sadhana Forest

Two of the girls working on the coconut wind-chimes

Remember the musical jugaad session we had at the International House one Saturday, when we made musical instruments out of things we found around? Remember that same day we had an African drumming event? Anisha and Tiago, a Portuguese couple who lives in Sadhana Forest (one of the communities in Auroville), were in charge of that event and when they saw our musical installation they thought they would do the same with the village children who live near their community.

Playing the water xylophone!

The workshop took place yesterday, Sunday, and we were invited to join them. So, to Sadhana Forest we went!

In Sadhana Forest they have a whole area devoted to children called “Children’s Land”, and one of the sections in there is the Music Garden. Their idea was to create an installation of musical instruments so that children can go and play music whenever they feel like. And to start up this project 30 Tamil children and some community children came to help!

Tamil boy sanding down a pipe

It was fun, even if it was a quite sunny and hot morning (summer is coming!), and both children and us had a good time.

Together we came up with different wind-chimes, some of them made with coconuts, some others with jar lids; xylophones made with glass jars and water, a bamboo xylophone, a scraper made with a hose and the spout of a watering can, and a very funny instrument made of plastic pipes and played with a flip-flop! Nice start for the Music Garden.

Nice bamboo xylophone!

Leonardo and I were glad to join them and also to be able to have a glimpse of this unique community in Auroville, the main focus of which is to transform 70 acres of severely eroded, arid land on the outskirts of Auroville, and to introduce a growing number of people to sustainable living. All structures (houses and other facilities) are built from local and natural materials (by the way, one of the huts was built by Manu, the International House architect and caretaker!) and they have a solar system, dry composting toilets, and a grey water system. They host many students and volunteers all year around. Very interesting Sunday morning we had.

Having fun with the jar lid and coconut wind-chimes!

Anisha playing the pipes with a flip-flop!

And to close today’s post, and welcome the coming week, another quote on flowers from the Mother. May the energy of these words find a way deep in our hearts and flourish in our lives…

[A flower] is kind: it has such a tenderness, it is so sweet, so close to us, so loving. Its presence fills us with joy. It is always cheerful and happy.

Happy is he who can exchange his qualities with the real qualities of the flowers.

The Mother, in “The Mother’s Flower Blessings”



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2 responses to “Musical workshop at Sadhana Forest

  1. rosine

    this is so beautiful… This is Mother’s Auroville!
    Thanks to those who make that possible.
    Love, Rosine

  2. Anna Pujol i Valls

    Looks like you had lots of fun! Learning, sharing at having fun, the perfect combination for happiness. Anna

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