What about the building?

We’ve been having a lot of updates on the musical wall project, but what about the building where the famous wall it’s going to be built in, uh?

Working on the columns

Today Manu took me on a short tour around the construction grounds (right behind the existing building where we are staying) and told me a little bit about how the construction is  going. The foundations are already done, and right now they are getting everything ready to work on the concrete beams that will support the wall’s weight. The base of the columns, where the beams will be embedded, has been covered by sacks and is watered periodically so that the concrete gets properly cured.

Watering the columns

Despite all the process is done manually, the building work is progressing at a steady pace.

Some days ago, a big truck delivered the timber beams that will be used from the first floor up (where the termites won’t spoil the wood!). They are palmera trunks, and look so firm and straight! Palmera definitely makes great columns.

And today I saw another truck unloading clay bricks (I’ll have to find out what are they for…). So things are really moving here!

Manu supervising the works

Palmera columns

Unloading clay bricks

And not to loose track on Leonardo’s achievements, let me get you up to date. He is such a productive man that I cannot afford getting distracted!

When I went to Svaram to meet him for lunch, he showed me what he had been doing in the morning: a support for his next instrument. “What is it going to be?”, I asked. But the question remained unanswered… He just told me I had seen this instrument before, in fact a fews days ago. And the next thing he said was “Can you help me get some long pipes I saw at the International House recycling corner and take them to Svaram, please, so I can continue with it?”.

What are these supports going to hold…?

So once we got the pipes, we jumped on our dear moped and like Don Quijote and Sancho Panza we drove through the winding village tracks and got to Svaram safe and sound! We actually had a good laugh!

Since we’ve been here we have seen people carrying just about anything in their moped or bicycle (mattresses, gas bottles, huge piles of pots and pans, and other amazing stuff). Not to say how many people can ride on a bike! We’ve seen up to 5 people, but I’ve heard 7 people is quite usual! Amazing!

When we first arrived in India our eyes could not believe it, but now it’s become so normal…! We even do it ourselves!

Oh, well… It’s all so relative… Things that you would never do back home, can become so natural when living in a different country and culture. It makes you think too… doesn’t it?

Don Quijote and Sancho Panza in India!


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One response to “What about the building?

  1. Anna Pujol i Valls

    Nice to find out where (Leo’s) wall is going to be build…and nice to see you both on your moped! Anna

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