Magnetic attraction

It is confirmed. Musical instruments exert a magnetic attraction on human beings. At least on the human beings at the International House.

Whenever Leonardo finishes one of his instruments at Svaram, he brings it at the IH and leaves it in the front corridor. It’s funny to see how, one by one, most of the people who work or live here feel attracted to them!

One morning I decided to take pictures of anyone who stealthily approached the instruments and started playing them… Every time I heard some music I would run with my camera. I must say it was quite a crazy morning! Here are some of the people who felt attracted to the honey…

Aiyana and Manu playing the didgeridoo. That’s the way to do it, Aiyana!

Venu (from the architect’s studio), playing with a huge smile!

Mohammed and Jeremy (from Washington University) checking out the instruments

Mohsin (also from the architect’s studio) playing happily

It was nice to see the child-like expression in the faces of the intrepid musicians who dared to play the musical wall instruments. Music really brings joy to one’s life, not to say if you are the one who makes it. And that is one interesting thing about the instruments Leonardo is making: they are very easy to play, even if you are not an expert musician. Well, maybe the didgeridoo needs a little bit of practice…

Talking about the didgeridoo, I don’t think I updated you on that. Out of several plastic pipes and elbows Leonardo got at the Pondicherry scrap market he’s made this unique didgeridoo.

Had you ever seen such a thing?!

Why this weird shape? It’s another of his inventions… The longest part of the didgeridoo (which measures 3 meters) will go inside the wall, so that only the part where you blow through and the part where the sounds comes out from will be visible. At its turn, the latter part will be introduced in a resonance box (made out of two barrels). You will be able to get inside the resonance box and when somebody plays to didgeridoo at the other end of the wall you will hear the amplified sound and will receive a shower of vibration. Hey, what about that…? I definitely don’t want to miss it when the building is finished and the musical wall is all set up!


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One response to “Magnetic attraction

  1. Anna Pujol i Valls

    You never stop suprising me with all these brilliant ideas…a 3-meter didgeridoo inside a wall and a resonance box made out of barrels??!! How great is that!! Anna

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