“Progress” in progress

The entrance garden at the International House is already in progress! And some “Progress” (Madagascar periwinkle) has been already planted! As I already explained some days ago, at the International House there are many Progress plants here and there, which is perfect in terms of Feng-Shui because who doesn’t want progress in all areas of their life? But now they have been intendedly planted right at the spot where the energy of progress finds its source and can be fully promoted.

One of the "Progress" flowers just planted

Some other flowers were also planted “by mistake”: no less than “Sri Aurobindo’s compassion – Innumerable, ever present, and effective in every instance” (Portulaca grandifiora, Rose moss or Sun plant). I wrote by mistake in quotation marks because Life (call it Energy, the Divine or whatever fits you…) sometimes has strange ways to manifest and find its way into our lives. So I have no doubt this flower, with its particular energy, somehow needed to be put there too. Actually, isn’t compassion something we would all like to develop more of…? (Remember that in the Thunder area we put what we want to grow in our life).

We’ll see what new experiences all these flowers bring to the inhabitants of the International House. We’ll have to be attentive, because changes sometimes come in a very natural and subtle way… And sometimes in a very obvious way too.

Sri Aurobindo's compassion

Well, to begin with, the entrance to the property will look much more beautiful, and our bodies, hearts and souls always appreciate beauty, don’t they?


Yesterday, Garima, Aiyana and I also went on a walk through Bharat Nivas (the Indian Pavilion in Auroville) to take a look at some of the plants they have in their lovely gardens. We would definitely want to have some palms like the ones they have. To me, they look really fresh, alive, reaching towards the sky and have a welcoming energy to them: perfect for our Thunder area. We also saw some other flower plants that would look nice at the International House, and Garima suggested we should ask the gardener at Bharat Nivas, at some point, if we could have some bulbs of those.

So, as I wrote in a previous post, this garden project is unfolding little by little, step by step, at its own pace and in a very organic way, like Nature itself, and the first seeds for its blooming have already been planted…

Palms rising towards the sky


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One response to ““Progress” in progress

  1. Anna Pujol i Valls

    Compassion and progress. Again, another excellent recipe to enjoy life. Thanks plants and flowers for helping us! Anna

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