More about the building

This morning I saw a group of 5 men at the International House entrance and later on B. came looking for me to go and check what those men were doing. He told me they were getting the palmera beams ready for the new building. They had no machine with them, just their hands and some tools. B. explained to me it’s an old technique which has been lost, because nowadays everybody uses machines to shape the beams.

Pealing the beams

A better perspective of the pealed beam

So I went to have a closer look. I must say that my first reaction as a Westerner was to be quite shocked by the fact they do it all manually… But again… looking at them pealing the timber so skillfully and so focused and connected to what they were doing it just made me think… What’s better and what’s worst? “Our” way or “their” way? The truth is that I just don’t know…

Working on the beams

The only thing I know is that my Westerner preconceptions get shattered every time I come face to face with such a situation. And, actually, I believe this preconception shattering is quite healthy…!

And before changing the subject, one more short update on the new dormitory where the musical wall will be installed: yesterday I noticed that the concrete beams that will support the walls’ weight are already made. We are getting there!

The concrete beams for the new dormitory

And what about Leonardo’s instruments, you might ask? There haven’t been any news lately… So here they are: the latest instrument he was working on is already finished! And t the “secret” has been revealed: it’s the “pipe xylophone” played with flip-flops that we built in Sadhana Forest, but a little bit refined. The pipes are fixed in a nicely finished wooden support and the flip-flops have been replaced by two round rubber mallets that look like ping-pong rackets!

In future posts I’ll try to have some video to show you how it’s played and how it sounds, because it has little to do with a regular xylophone!

The latest instrument to the collection!

The "ping-pong" mallets!


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  1. Anna Pujol i Valls

    You are right, there is no good or bad in doing it “our” way or “their” way. Mindfulness when we do things, that is what’s important. And , I guess, in that aspect we Westerners have A LOT to learn from people in the East…

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