The most ambitious project

Two colorful drums, a multiple pulse-tube, a txalaparta, a 3 meter long didgeridoo, a ping-pong pipe… And next… (drums are rolling…) the most ambitious instrument of the season (drums rolling again…): an hexagonal monochord which will be played by sitting on it and turning around!

Venu helping Leonardo have the drawings for his instrument

Leonardo has been very busy lately, having drawings made on the computer, talking to the Svaram people, racking his brains to figure out the best way to make his next instrument.

I’ve been asking him about it too, but I have to confess that I’ll have to see the instrument finished to completely understand… Oh, well! Patience is a virtue.

What I do know is that he’s been very focused on it, going to Svaram very early in the morning to do as much work as he can before the daily power cut. I recognize this kind of energy in him: determined, mind, heart and hands at work. We don’t have that many days left in Auroville and, of course, he would like to see it finished before we go.

In order to have an idea of the process, before the final product is ready, here are some pictures:

The hexagonal paper mould

Checking if the pieces that will make the hexagon match

Ralph (from Svaram) and Leonardo figuring out how to glue the pieces
Gluing the pieces together


As regards my dear flowers, yesterday I went to the Matrimandir gardens with B. to get some cuts of another variety of Sri Aurobindo’s compassion. They’ve been trimming the sprouts that go over the edges of the pathways and we thought it would be a good idea to get some of those cuts and plant them in the IH garden.

Red hibiscus

So now we have the energy of Matrimandir at home! We planted some at the new entrance garden, and some more around several trees and along the main building. This variety is really beautiful: white and pink flowers that look like small roses. Gorgeous. Gorgeous as the presence of a woman in white I saw performing last night at the Kalabumi Open Stage Cabaret, a presence which this morning I still felt fresh and came through my pen to become a poem…




Woman in white

No words,

just your presence.

Your eyes,

your subtle smile



Woman in white

Not pretending,

just being.

Being there,



Woman in white


sweetly glowing.

Full of you,

empty of everything.


Like the flower in your hand.



White hibiscus


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One response to “The most ambitious project

  1. Anna Pujol i Valls

    What a dear friend Liza is moving away and gave me yesterday the most beautiful red hibiscus plant that I have never seen. Now it’s in my yard. Maybe some of the Matrimandir’s energy is here in Florida with me too…

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