Holi Festival!

Last Sunday, March 21st, it was the Holi Festival, the Festival of Colors, celebrated mostly in the north of India. Auroville is localed in South India, but since some of the people here are from the North, there is always someone celebrating it.

Beautiful natural colors!

Garima, one of the caretakers of the International House, happens to be from the North, and this year they decided to have a Holi Festival celebration with some friends. Leonardo and I were invited to join, so we ended up with our faces quite colored!

Fortunately, the colored powder we used was made with natural flowers, not with chemicals as the one most people use nowadays. Even the pool water was dyed with flowers Garima, Manu and Aiyana had been collecting during the last weeks. I must say that both children and grow-ups had a swell time in the swimming pool!

Garima and Aiyana happy and painted!

Happy Holi, Leonardo!

Who is having more fun here, Manu or Aiyana...?

This is me, Carme. I think I'm the one who got more paint on...!

Talking about flowers, I have good news: the Sri Aurobindo’s compassion cuts we got at the Matrimandir seem to like it here and are doing well! I’m just amazed how plants and flowers grow here. Just from one cut, with no roots… Nature is so generous and willing to give and expand…

Some of the newly planted cuts. So refined...

The flowers we planted at the new entrance garden are also doing quite well, even though the temperature is rising day after day. Some tulsi (an edible and sacred plant in India) was also planted there, and just today I looked at its message: “Devotion – Modest and fragrant, it gives itself without asking anything in return”. Wow…

And to close today’s post, and in homage to the magnificent full moon we were offered this last weekend, here is another poem (it looks like I’m in a poetic mood these days! Thank you, Manu, for encouraging me).





Full moon,

bright and round;

the eye of Heaven

looking down.


Sorceress of the night,

mysterious and wild,

you came all dressed-up

looking for your knight.


You touched me deep inside

with your sharpened silver blade.

Dark blood, thorny tears

flooding my heart’s fate.


I feel defeated, wounded and lost.

Amidst the mists of Avalon

I leave my heroine sword

and I close this dreadful cycle

of struggle, fight and curse.


The time has come to be true,

to be true to myself,

to be true to the world:

I’m not that fierce women I had always thought.


Disappointment, deceit and despair

sprout out of my core.

And a myriad of nails

come piercing through my flesh,

opening the space, giving birth to the fresh.


Nothing left to hide,

no more to pretend.

Open and naked I stand

before you, silver knight.


Broken tears down my cheeks,

melting memories away,

washing centuries of clay;

no more to show, no more to say.


And I look up and see your smile,

up above, moon of faith,

soothing my body and soul,

rocking me in your cave.


A renewed peace crawling in,

despise my feeling bruised,

despise losing the key

to what had helped me move.


But I sense a sweet confidence,

like a child who knows the Truth,

and suddenly, below you,

a new key appears bright and clear,

like a magical light wand

which replaces ancient fears.


And under your protective light,

welcomed by your warming womb,

I see my silk moon and my brave knight,

together, happily returning home.


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One response to “Holi Festival!

  1. Anna Pujol i Valls

    “Nature is so generous and willing to give and expand”…why do we forget that so often?

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