The hexagon project

As I already said in previous posts, Leonardo is completely immersed in his latest project. Little by little, his new instrument is taking shape.

The hexagonal resonance box is already assembled and the rectangular support where it will be anchored to is also ready. The next step will involve installing the strings through the hexagonal resonance box, probably the most delicate part of the project.

The inside of the resonance box

We could say it will be a new version of the already existing nidhranantar (the sound healing bed). The person sitting on the hexagonal resonance box , which will turn around when played, will receive the healing vibration of the sound directly into their body. Besides that, Leonardo is thinking about making some kind of colored glass box with a candle inside, so that the person sitting and turning on the hexagon box will have a reference point to look at (so they won’t get dizzy!), thus receiving also the healing energy of colors.

I’ve heard people in Svaram are quite curious about this invention. For Leonardo it’s also being a very interesting and motivating project. A couple of days ago he was telling me that he suddenly realized this instrument integrates three of his main interest areas (I would say, three of his gifts…): carpentry, music and healing arts. United, together, for the first time…

The hexagonal resonance box on its support

Isn’t Auroville’s main aim to work towards human unity, as stated in its charter? And isn’t human unity to be achieved by working towards one’s own inner unity…? I would say that in this instance the energy of Auroville is working its magic…


And I think today the Matrimandir gardens and the Receptivity Petal worked their magic on me also…





As a woman welcoming a descending soul,

As a womb offering itself to be the sacred bowl,

Am I ready to let guilt and unworthiness forever go?

Are my cells willing to accept the Light and let it flow?





I hear the playfulness of the water talking…

Releasing me from all doubts

The innocence of a child my tissues soaking…


And, again, silence…

And stillness.


Yes, I am open to be open…

Through Softness, Simplicity and Respect.

Through Wisdom, Laughter and Faith.


And in Peace, in Joy and Humbleness

I open myself to the Grace.



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One response to “The hexagon project

  1. Anna Pujol i Valls

    How amazing to see that everything is smoothly falling into place. Leo’s unity. Your peace.

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