The new entrance and Liam’s Memorial

Now that “Operation Bougainvillea” is complete, we can start thinking again about planting some more things at the entrance garden. We already have some “Progress”, some “Sri Aurovindo’s compassion” and some tulsi, and just today I got some purple and green plants from Town Hall, which the gardener generously gave me (I’ll have to find out their name and the message they contain…).

The Feng-Shui map of the International House

We are also beginning to think about the new entrance to the International House. When the new building is finished, the current entrance will be kept only for 4-wheelers, and 2-wheelers and people will use a new main entrance, a little bit more to the south. The interesting thing is that the new entrance will still be in the Thunder area, in terms of Feng-Shui. So all that we had planned still applies.

Since I was told where the new gate will be, I’ve been walking around that area now and then, to see what plants are already there and what new plants we could plant. It’s so amazing to see how many times we do things “unconsciously” that are really aligned and connected, as if guided…

For instance, at each side of the new gate there is a lemon tree. And guess what? Trees, specially fruit trees, are the best symbol for the Thunder sector in Feng-Shui! In fact, in that area there are quite a lot of trees, including a gorgeous and fragrant Plumeria and a young Yellow Flame tree, which the Mother called “Service” (isn’t it interesting also that there is a “service” tree in the sector where things or projects that we want to develop are to be placed…?).

Liam's Memorial

I think the new entrance is going to be a very nice welcoming area, and it will surely give more presence and visibility to the Medicinal garden we are creating and to Liam’s Memorial.

Liam’s Memorial is a very beautiful and peaceful spot. It was created in homage to Liam O’Gallagher, an artist who in the late 1950s, together with his partner, became deeply interested in the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and donated toward the creation of the International House (which at that moment was called the American Pavilion). It’s a circular space with a Neem tree in the middle, several majestic rocks and a granite sculpture with a symbol created by a resident of Auroville, Biggie.

Are we aware of the path we have chosen...?

Curiously enough, when she showed the design to a friend she was told that it was the same spiral the Mother had once drawn when explaining Yoga to a child: in ordinary life people wander between extremes, according to circumstances and most of the times suffering (spiral line), but if we focus in a conscious path of Yoga we go directly to the Divine (vertical line). Both paths will eventually take us to the Source, to the Light (we could say it’s inevitable…); the question is “How do we choose to get there?”.


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  1. Anna Pujol i Valls

    What a great explanation about the virtues of yoga and about the way we choose to live our life. Thanks one more time, Carme and Mother.

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