Just a poem…

Today just a poem, inspired again by a Waterdance session I received from our friend LauraNina, who lives in Quiet, Auroville’s main alternative health care facility, by the beach.

Thank you, Laura.





Watery flowers

Flowering water.


Water supporting me

Guiding me to manifest my flowers.


Swirling, expanding, shinning

Like a golden sunflower

Wide open to the Sun.


Airy, tingling, playful movements

Like bougainvillea flowers

Recalling the kindness of Live.


Silky, disarming, fragrant sensation

Like a sensual blooming plumeria

Generous and alluring in its beauty and perfume.


And the water binding them

Creating a velvet path

From one to the other

One in Three

Three in One.


The Lioness

The Fairy

The Scorpio woman



All three together.


Each one playing its role.


In harmony.









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One response to “Just a poem…

  1. Anna Pujol i Valls

    Touching and inspiring poem, thanks Carme.

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