A little bit of everything

This past week it’s been a quite busy week at the International House as regards the construction. On Wednesday the grade beam concreting took place, so a crew of men and many different construction materials “occupied” the IH for some days.

The grade beam concreting

Meanwhile Leonardo has been working on his hexagonal instrument, building the remaining pieces and sanding and polishing several times all the wooden pieces, as they do in Svaram with all their instruments to give them an extremely fine and first quality finish. It seems that now everything is ready for the strings to be installed.

The iron structure which will support the rectangular base and to which he will fix the axle that will allow the instrument to turn around is also on its way. And Leonardo also got some references on a guy who might be able to supply the colored glasses he needs for the candle box.

Gluing the last hexagonal wooden piece

We only have one week left in Auroville, so let’s see if this ambitious project can see the light… There are still other things to be finished (like the txalaparta stand, the barrels for the didgeridoo resonance box and some other ideas Leonardo has in mind), and some things that haven’t even been started, as the musical railing… so we will also have to see what happens with that.

And as for the garden, after what has been a chaotic and not very inspired week for me (maybe it was just the heat, or the intense construction work going on, or perhaps the garden’s energy reorganizing itself), it looks like the magic is back again.

The newly planted sansevieria

In one of her morning walks, Garima got some sansevieria. When searching the Net to have some information on this plant she found out that it is a very good air purifier and, because their leaves grow upwards, it can be used for Feng-Shui purposes as well! So we got some more of them and planted them in several spots of the garden, included by the composting toilets wall, to help purify the air.

We also find out that the palms we were thinking on planting at the entrance garden are the top air purifiers of a list of 10 plants, according to a NASA study! Isn’t that interesting? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a naturally purifying entrance?

Garima and Aiyana uprooting the white ixora

And to go on with the magic, just this morning Garima discovered some beautiful and fragrant white flower bushes near the International House which were not able to grow properly because they were under a bigger bush, so she thought it might be a good idea to uproot some of them and transplant them. And what a nice surprise we had when we realized they were white ixoras, the Mother’s “Peace in the cells” I had originally suggested for the Thunder area! So right now we are going to get those little bushes and we’ll plant them in the International House so they have more space to grow and we have more peace in our cells…! See you!


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One response to “A little bit of everything

  1. Anna Pujol i Valls

    Peace in our cells. Interesting idea. I will aim for that too. I don’t have any white ixoras in my yard…but maybe just by thinking of the ones in the IH will bring my cells some peace.

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