We are almost there!

Everything seems to be supporting Leonardo to finish his last instrument before we go, although you can tell he feels a little bit uneasy at times.

The 7 glass pieces for the candle box

Yesterday we went to Aureate, Hans Isler’s glass studio. Hans is as Swiss man who arrived in Auroville 30 years ago and who has been deeply involved in the gilding and glass work of the gold disks that make up the outer structure of Matrimandir.

He very kindly cut 7 different pieces of colored glass for us: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white, which correspond to the 7 main chakras in our body. As I explained in previous posts, Leonardo is going to make a candle box with them to be used as a reference point by the person sitting on the turning hexagonal instrument. The glass box will be a revolving device, so that the person can decide what color to look at, depending on the chakra they would like to heal or unblock.

Leonardo showing the instrument to some visitors

So, as Leonardo was telling some visitors at Svaram this morning,  this instrument will combine sound, movement, color and fire (the candle). Four powerful healing elements: the vibration of the strings going straight into our cells; the vibration of color, to which our chakras are so responsive; the turning around (used by sufis, among others) to quiet our mind, so that we can be more open to healing; and the purifying properties of fire, which cleanses our aura when we are near it.

I was quite impressed, all the sudden, when I realized the magnitude of it all…

Won't that look beautiful in the new IH Dormitory?

And just 4 days left to install the 34 strings, to build the candle glass box and to anchor the instrument to the iron support.

I can feel the excitement and the joy of a big upcoming event… I think we’ll make it!


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One response to “We are almost there!

  1. Anna Pujol i Valls

    The PERFECT INSTRUMENT is about to come to life.

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