The IH on Auroville Radio!

Last week, Yahalom (from Auroville Radio) came with a group of volunteers to the IH as part of a Volunteer Orientation Tour, and learned about the construction of the new building and the musical wall project.  He threw out the idea of doing some recording for the Radio.

No sooner said that done: yesterday, Miriam (one of the journalists of Auroville Radio) came to the International House to interview us. She interviewed Manu, Leonardo and I, and she recorded Leonardo playing the wall instruments. She made us feel very comfortable and we had a very nice chat (about the International House itself, about the instruments project and about our experience in Auroville as volunteers).

Curious about what was said…? You can click on the following link and hear the interviews and the instruments!



And just a little photo update on the hexagon instrument: the 34 strings are already installed and the iron structure and the axle that will support the whole thing, and enable it to turn, are ready to be fixed to the wooden rectangular base.

The iron structure and axle

And finally... the strings!

The strings through the hexagonal resonance box


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One response to “The IH on Auroville Radio!

  1. Anna Pujol i Valls

    I didn’t know Auroville even had a radio! Wow!

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