The power of Nature

Just two days left to go back to Spain… There are so many things we have experienced, felt, transformed, enjoyed, shared, learned… It would be almost a never-ending post today if we were to recall all of them!

Gorgeous hibiscus...

But one of the most striking things I’ve been able to admire here, and that has been surprising me every single day (and which, somehow, summarizes them all) is the incredible power of Nature.

Working in the Garden project at the International House has offered me the huge opportunity to be in contact with Nature first hand, to be more aware of it, more attentive to it, more willing to listen to and learn from it. And what a perfect place to experience all that: a barren plateau turned into a lush forest!

Summer is already here, so this last week we haven’t been planting anything else in the IH garden. Now it’s time to protect the soil from the summer heat (mostly by mulching and watering it) and to prepare it with compost for the planting season. And it’s also time to hope that all that we have been doing will flourish.

Mexican sunflower, Tithonia rotundifolia, "Physical consciousness entirely turned towards the Divine"

In fact, one of the things that have marveled me the most is the speed at which plants grow here. In these 2 months we’ve been witnesses of Nature’s amazing drive to expand.

This morning, I went around the garden and took pictures of some of the flowers, plants and trees we planted at the beginning of our stay here. In this case, a picture is worth a thousand words…

February 26th. Planting a tiny plant. Can you see it...?

April 9th. Quite a big plant now, uh?












And to close, and as a farewell gift, some wise words from The Mother…

Have you ever gone into a garden early in the morning? The flowers are facing the sun, awaiting its advent. Have you felt the mighty aspiration that surges all around for the coming light?
Have you watched a bud, completely closed, and how slowly, miraculously, the petals open, one by one? Whence came this force, this energy, this pulsating life?

Have you seen the earth after it has received a few drops of rain. Multi-coloured little hands come out from the earth in a gesture of thanks giving? They are the fairy-lilies named ‘Prayer’ by the Mother. We can palpably feel the vibration of gratitude and we look in joy at this spontaneous and beautiful response of Nature. Nature, so receptive, so open to the Grace! If only we could be likewise….

And then we wonder: What is it that gives to a flower and so often to a child, its beauty, its sweetness, its feeling of a happy self-giving? It is the presence of the Divine in the flowers, in Nature. It is what we call the ‘Psychic Presence’. And love. Love of flowers can help us to find our own psychic being, the Divine within us.”

The Mother, from Soul of a flower, in “Flowers – Their Spiritual Significance”



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  1. Anna Pujol i Valls

    Carme, you have grown too in these two months. At the same speed as all the plants you have seen growing at the IH.

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