Happy farewell

Yeap! That’s it. Our last day, my last post. And his LAST INSTRUMENT! He has named it “hexpirocordio” (‘hex’ for hexagon, ‘spiro’ for spiral, and ‘cordio’ for strings). It arrived at the International House just on time for the farewell party we threw.

Here it is…

Leonardo and the hexpirocordio

Garima experimenting the vibration while Leonardo is playing

The 7 chakra coloured glass box

And I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of Leonardo and I, to thank specially everyone at the International House (Manu, Garima, B and Aiyana) for all their loving support and for offering us such an incredible chance to expand our beings.

And we also want to send a big hug to all the friends and people  in Auroville who have made us feel like home during these 2 months and a half!



B, Garima, Matilde and Aiyana at the farewell party

Aloe and Hanna

Marc, Clara, Eden and Laura

Juan Felipe, Leonardo, Mahesh, Ralph and Gnanvel

Alejandra, Monica and Manu

Carme, Matilde, Aurelio, Alejandra, Clara and Robin

And the fire, the sound of a flute and nice company...



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3 responses to “Happy farewell

  1. Bryan

    Congratulations, congratulations for all you have accomplished at the IH! I have shared all your postings with our AVI-USA groups and others as well. We look forward to ‘playing your wall’ when next we come to AV! Next year for sure in Feb. if not sooner. Hopefully some of us can meet you when you come back to AV.
    Best wishes, music and joy.

  2. B

    Thank you Carme and Leonardo for being with us and for all the good times that we had; the food, the garden, and the music! With love, B

  3. Anna Pujol i Valls

    Thanks for everything you shared through your posts. A milion times thank you.

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