Baagunnaara (in telugu it means “how are you doing”)..

This is the Raj, Aparna and our 4 year old daughter Sambhavi. We moved recently from Mumbai to be a part of Auroville. Aparna and myself were born and raised in Andhra Pradesh, and spent some of our worklives in India and USA. Andhra Pradesh is the neighbouring state to Tamil Nadu.  Both myself and Aparna are with IT background but with passions in Sustainable and meaningful living & Child Education. Sambhavi loves to ask questions and explore. Sambhavi has made several friends during our last visit in Sep 2010, and her circle of friends is expanding every day.

As a family, we do a little bit of every thing. We love to read stories together, work in the garden, play music (music to us, don’t know what others may feel though.. ) and so on. Aparna loves to take lots of pictures, and I do a little bit of that too.

Every new day brings us new experiences, which I hope to share with you.. You can also visit my personal blog to follow a few other posts.

Ika untaa mari (in telugu, it means “bye for now”)



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