International House

At Auroville, we are currently living at International House which is near by Visitor’s Center, and next to Tibetan Pavilion (it was earlier called as American Pavilion – in case you need to ask for directions). The care takers here are B (a veteran Aurovilian) and the family of Manu, Garima and their Daughter Aiyana.

At International House, there is an office where Manu, B and team work on Architecture related projects to meet the housing needs of Auroville. One such project is about Dismountable houses. Prototypes about such houses are currently displayed on boards at Townhall office. All of them are quite interesting to look at.  Then plan is to build the different houses as per needs of future owners in one large area. The area will have common facilities to share, but each unit will have its own character and charm. I am sure the place where the houses will be built will be an attraction in itself.

At International House, the team has been involved with Tetrapak roofing aswell.

Since the last time we visited the place in Aug-Sep 2010, we found several changes in Auroville and International House. Roads are being improved with interconnecting blocks that reduce the dust on the road. I also think this makes the vehicles run smoother, thereby reducing the fuel pollution overhead.

Specific to International House, I see two new patches of vegetable gardens and several flower plants. Next to where we are staying, there is new construction in progress to build more volunteer quarters.

Unlike the cities where construction means a lot of noise pollution, use of heavy machinery (use of diesel, smoke emissions etc.,) as well as cement/sand dust.. We find that construction here is manual labor oriented with everyone working in rhythm. I  hear someone filling a basket with sand and nothing more.

Energy wise, International House uses solar energy for most of the internal consumption (such as fans, lights, office equipment etc.,). There is a washing machine, refrigerator and kitchen mixer that are run on line-electricity as required.

We are living in Volunteer quarters, and our main activities here include looking after the garden, publishing updates to website: and being involved with a new schooling project AHA Auroville ( I am sure we will find many more exciting things to get involved (main reason why we are here in Auroville).

A few pictures of International House are attached for those who are not familiar with the place.


more to follow..


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  1. Hi! Great site! As you use the name of Auroville various times, why not give a link to the site..?

    Just an idea! -mauna

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