Flush game..

Ayana and Sambhavi engaged in an impromptu Flush game at International House here. I am thinking that it is a game invented by them on-the-fly. It was so much fun to watch. The game goes something like this..

One girl dances her heart out, while the other girl watches. After sometime, the girl watching presses an imaginative flush button next to her. Now, the girls swap positions and the second one starts dancing. This game went on for about 5-10 min. Then they remembered that they needed a  swim. Within no time they were off clothes, and into the pool.

dipping their feet before dance begins
dancing together
Flush game begins. Sambhavi watching while Ayana is dancing
A little dialogue
Sambhavi warming up before her dance
dance begins
swapped positions again, and a little dialogue followed by dance…swapped positions once again

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