Dorm Rising

The dormitory needed a steel scaffolding rented from Matrimandir because the original plan for a casurina pole structure proved unsafe. Since the building is three floors, the height is considerable, but the views of sunrise and sunset will be spectacular. Full palmyra tree trunks act as pillars which have now been placed on top of the concrete foundation pilings. There is a “crowbar” spike cast into the concrete onto which the wooden pillar is fitted. The pillars are lifted by a hand-operated chain pulley.

On the ground floor some infill walls are being poured with a mixture of waste polystyrene rescued from the Auroville landfill, some broken brick and cement. These walls are poured and rammed by hand between two removable shutterings.


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One response to “Dorm Rising

  1. Carme

    Wow!!! The dormitory has made such progress! And the palmira columns look so great! It’s nice to be able to follow the bulding rising from so far away… Thank you to the new blogger! Who is it, by the way…?
    Big hugs from Spain!

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