First seeds planted and sprouting

We’ve worked hard the past couple of weeks and as you reap what you saw, we now start seeing the first tiny, delicate results.

From tiny bigger ones. It's all there 🙂

After creating new beds and covering them with compost, leafs and mulch,

Beds covered with compost and leafs, waiting for rain

we had to turn the soil a few times before the earth was ready to receive. We also put up posts for the creeper plants like beans to have a nice support system to grow steadily and high.

Constructing support systems for the beans

Binding the poles together seemed easy enough but digging holes around the poles, filling them with sand and gravel and hitting on this mix with a crow bar like crazy didn’t quite seem the right job for me as a girl. I thought of complaining to the boys, emotionally blackmailing them into swapping jobs with me. But then I remembered all the stories of the barren land, scorching sun with no trees around for shade and what a darn job it must have been to start this township and build Matrimandir. And I chose to shut up, gather my power, do the best I can even if ever so slowly.
And I did it, we did it.

Putting sand around the poles hopefully keeps the termites from eating them up

In the meantime, Sunder already put up a shade, seedlings are transplanted and it’s all happening. We’ve even eaten our first soup with fresh chicken spinach from our plots in it, wohow!!

Transplanting seedlings

All the while, B is busy with the estethic aspects of International House gardens, i.e. cutting plants to get us the best view from the terrace to “Canada” again, alias the stone formation at the terrain of the Canadian pavilion and getting into the deep end of the pond to clean it out and give the plants the best space to be appreciated by us all.

B getting into the deep end to re-beautify our pond

No wonder, I extended my stay yet again and rescheduled my flight back home to Germany to October 1st. Thanks for being such wonderful hosts, co-volunteers and team!!


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