Zero Waste Super Cool Bamboo Tipi, ehmmm shower

…is definitely ready and worthy of any Auroville, Hollywood, Bollywood or other superstar.

Tipi shower in its full beauty

The structure of this outdoor shower is made of bamboo and chicken mesh, which then was lightly plastered around and whitewashed. Also, check out the super smart and zero waste details inside like the walls with broken mirror pieces and ceiling letting in natural light by using discarded light bulbs.

mirrors and light bulbs

All the pipes and tabs are made from or covered with bamboo.


There is even a washing basin made from clay in it too.

Washing basin made from clay with bamboo covered tabs

The floor design, too, is very Auroville. Does this shape for the water to flow out seem familiar somehow??

Floor in Auroville fashion

But the best feature has got to be the choice between 2 very therapeutic options: light rain or heavy waterfall?? What would you prefer?? The first is facilitated by a bamboo pipe with little circular holes, the 2nd one with slits in it. How super smart yet simple is this??

Rain or waterfall??

So, how much do you think we should charge the folks wanting to use this latest retreat feature of International House???



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2 responses to “Zero Waste Super Cool Bamboo Tipi, ehmmm shower

  1. Bryan Walton

    This is very cool – can’t wait to try it – be there in Feb. for sure.

  2. Carme

    Oh, wow!!! The tipi shower is awesome!!!!!! I love it. It’s really nice to see the new things that are going on at the International House. Big hugs from Spain!! Carme

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