Zero Waste Dormitory

We are currently constructing a second dormitory for eight more people and a staff quarters. This will involve a variety of recycled items, some of which we are taking from what would go into landfill as part of our advocacy for zero waste in Auroville. The recycled objects include Tetra-packs as roofing and walls, papier maché flooring, chairs made of tires, a creeper frame of used petrol hoses, among other initiatives.

Roofing and walls in the making, made with recycled tetrapacks

“Waste King” garbage disposal being used to break down paper, cloth and other materials for the flooring

paper soaking to be made into paper mache flooring

The waste king in action- breaking down the paper for the floor

Julian and Adam working on the floor

the never ending recycled tetra-packs


6 responses to “Zero Waste Dormitory

  1. Bryan Walton

    Looks real good. How’s the sun’s UW with the Tetrapaks? How are termites with the paper mache flooring?

  2. B

    No hard data on UV effects on Tetrapak roofing but we have planned a space frame over the roofing that will be covered in creepers to provide shade and cooling. No termites will reach the paper mache floor because the floors are above ground level on impervious pilings.

  3. Nicole

    ‘B’ this is just amazing ! !
    I can not wait to see it all in person ! Great job

  4. I totally agree! I still am amazed that this happened these days. I was glad I am not running. I would love to are coming to terms for the future. I will want to know this evolving issue in the future.

  5. marthandan

    hi. where and who do i contact for getting the recycled tetra pack roof sheets?

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